Most of us have narratives of our life story which include some pivotal event.

This pivotal event could be meeting the love of our life, or a special teacher who changed our life for the better. Sometimes the pivotal event is a tragedy such as sexual or physical abuse, an accident or death in the family.

For example, John Kasich's narrative revolves around the tragic death of his parents in an auto accident in 1987. However, some people’s narratives involve old grievances that are not tragic, but they have been carrying them around for years. Something that was done to you that was unfair, or even cruel, changed your life and it explains to you why you are unhappy and never got what you want. You may be right that someone did do something that caused you pain and grief. But holding on to the grievance puts the blame for your unhappiness on someone else; it keeps you feeling self-righteously angry, but powerless. 

It keeps you stuck

You don't have to stay stuck for the rest of your life.  I can help you get that weight off your back. 

If you would like to learn more, please see my article on grievances on the website thirdAge.